Swap Shop

Swap Shop is a platform for swapping something that you no longer need to something useful to yourself at no cost and lots of benefits.

Before you give away or dispose, why not attend one of our pop-up swap shops and exchange them for something new to you?

Every new item we buy has gone through extensive production & transportation processes before it arrives in our hands creating carbon emissions that have a big impact on the environment. By swapping rather than disposing / buying new we can minimise the consumerist process and utilise existing resources within our community.

Our swap shop focuses on clothes and runs on a pop up format.

We have a wish list (items you would like to swap for) to make sure the swap shop works best for you.

Please bring clothing items you would like to swap.
Our monthly swap shop on the last Wed of each month. Come and visit us! See more details here.

What item is on your 'Wish List'?