Library 图书室

Our Library 我们的图书室

Ricefield Arts Library Room is home to a Chinese and English lending library with language learning resources, cultural topics, translated works from Chinese authors and a wide spectrum of Chinese books. We are open to the public and in process of adjusting our opening hours, please email to enquire more.


Our collection expands with book donations from the community, bringing resources to active us. We encourage everyone to borrow books instead of buying new.


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Please email for any questions.

Library user guide 图书室会员手册

How to join the library? 如何加入图书室会员?

Joining the Library is simple and free! You can then enjoy an array of Chinese books or Chinese arts and culture related English books, ranging from Chinese classics, language learning, contemporary art, Chinese ancient philosophy and much more. All you need is to register membership by completing this simple form on this page. Alternatively, you visit us at our library during opening times.

Please bring 2 forms of ID, one with proof of address the first time borrowing. For ID, you could use a council tax letter, bank statement, utility bill or mobile phone bill as your proof of address. You could use a bank card, student card, driving licence or passport as your other form of ID.



What can I borrow? 如何借书?

Once you become a member for our library you can borrow up to 4 books at a time for a period of 4 weeks.

How do I return, renew and reserve books?

Please return during library opening hours. You may renew and reserve books through our library system.

Overdue books 过期未能归还书籍

We value our library users and hope to maintain a respectful and enriching library experience. Overdue books will not be fined but you will receive successive reminders. Our books are mainly donated and we do not have budget to replace missing / damaged books. Please support the sharing of community resources and bring your book(s) back on time.


Library events 图书室活动

Want to practice speaking Mandarin, attend a language exchange (English / Mandarin / Cantonese) or book sharing event? We deliver reading, writing, and language relating events regularly. Interested to host or join us? Enquire more by email.


Library opening times 图书室开放时间

We open on Wednesdays 12:00-19:00. 每个星期三 12:00-19:00开放。

Location 地点

Ricefield Arts Library Room
Suite 124 Baltic Chambers
50 Wellington Street
G2 6HJ

Donations 捐赠书籍

If you have books at home that are in Chinese or Chinese culture related, and you would like to share this resource with the community, please do not hesitate to bring it to us. Donations are collected at all our events and workshops, The National Library of Kelvinhall, as well as our library location.


Our Partner location 图书室合作伙伴

The National Library of Kelvinhall - the Moving Image Archive
Kelvinhall 国家图书室 - 移动图像档案

Kelvin Hall
1445 Argyle Street
G3 8AW

We have installed a mini swap library at the Moving Image Library. You will be able to self service book swapping.

Access 无障碍设施

Accessible toilets 无障碍洗手间
Wheelchair access 轮椅通道

Facilities 设施

Study spaces 学习空间
Free Wifi 免费Wifi

If there's anything we can do to make this more accessible to you please get in touch


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News from Library...

November 3, 2019

晚清碎影(影集)节选 CHINA THROUGH THE LENS OF JOHN THOMSON 1868-1872 (Part)

CHINA THROUGH THE LENS OF JOHN THOMSON 1868-1872 (Part) 晚清碎影(影集)节选 最近有幸从Ricefield 中文图书馆借阅这本十分有趣的影集,影集记录了晚清时期(1868-1872年)苏格兰旅行摄影家约翰 汤姆逊眼中的中国。 如果当年伟大的 马可 波罗 能用几张照片来说明他漫游古老中国的经历,那么他的美丽传说会更加动人。 — 约翰 汤姆逊 让我们一起跟随汤姆逊的相机看看那时的中国。 Recently I borrowed this photo […]
October 1, 2019

Story Cafe Special – Open Scroll (開卷)with Glasgow Women’s Library

July 21, 2019

Pei Pei The Monkey King-Poem Collection《猴王彼彼》-现代诗赏析

Pei Pei The Monkey King-Poem Collection 《猴王彼彼》-现代诗赏析 一本小小的书,中英双语,简单的文字蓄满了“乡愁”。 A small poem collection, Bilingual (Chinese & English). The words are simple and filled with “homesickness”. 作者WaWa来自香港,用文字表达自己对“回家”的渴望和对现世的感受及对未来的担忧。 她的诗细腻而富有童趣,花鸟鱼虫甚至是石头都有着自己的感受。 […]