Reuse & Reduce 回收与利用

Our Reuse & Reduce project aims to:

● Equip individuals with sewing skills and generate interests in mending and DIY projects through sewing workshops; encourage a sustainable practice by providing free sewing machine access
● Introduce creative and fun ways of textile upcycling, supporting participants to utilise textiles to the fullest
● Encourage book borrowing: generate donations to have a selection of Chinese / English books relating to Chinese arts and culture available to the public, catering for both Chinese and English users
● Provide a free platform for swapping resources mainly clothing, introducing shopping in an alternative way


● 通过DIY活动和缝纫修复工作坊教学缝纫修复的技能,培养兴趣,鼓励免费使用社区支持可持续发展的缝纫机
● 介绍改造布料的有趣方式,增强趣味性,让参与者可以尽可能的重复使用布料
● 鼓励图书借阅:面向公众鼓励捐赠与中国艺术文化相关的中/英文书籍,使得中文和英文的阅读者都可以在我们的图书室找到自己喜欢的书籍
● 提供物品交换的免费平台,主要回收再利用衣物饰品,为购物提供另一种选择

We are here to support utilising resources in the community to reduce waste, make your clothing last longer and increase the fun you can have with textiles. 我们支持充分利用社区资源以减少浪费,延长衣物使用寿命并让您在布料剪裁制作中找到乐趣。

Check out our upcycling tips for resources, click here to book a slot to use a sewing machine.
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